About Us

Blaze Farms

With the majority of unbranded, local supply of ‘fresh milk’ extracted from Buffalos, Blaze Farms choice of Australian Cow’s milk comes with a healthy reasoning: Buffalo milk is high in fat content, which results in unintentional weight gain. It’s much higher in protein, making it unsuitable for digestion leading to digestive issues. Potassium and sodium levels are lesser in cow’s milk, it is considered as a better natural supplement for infants and health conscious people, therefore the choice of cow’s milk over buffalo milk is well justified.

Farm Pure

Introduced in 2014, Farm Pure since its inception has aimed to provide dairy products to its consumers as they were meant to be provided; as pure as the nature intended and cost effective at the same time. This is the reason why Farm Pure has been able to grab a considerable amount of share by catering to the purity needs of niche markets. Farm Pure sources its milk from self-owned farms (Blaze Farms) ideally located within the city of Lahore (reducing extensive travel distance and carriage), which guarantees 100% fresh and natural Australian Cow’s Milk.

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